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2.5 Acres, A Pilot’s Dream Lot

Clermont, FL


Gorgeous .66 Acre Golf Course Lot

Sugarmill Woods, FL


Rare Green Side Golf Course Lot 

Sugarmill Woods, FL


2.5 Acres, Near Van Fleet Trail

Clermont, FL

10 Great Reasons To Buy Land!


  • Land is a tangible asset. While your stocks can become worthless paper overnight, you don’t have that problem with land – it’s still there. Land is a solid, tangible asset. It doesn’t wear out, it won’t break and no one is going to walk off with your land in the middle of the night.

  • Land is a finite resource. No one is making any more land! We’ve got a set amount of land in the USA. Buildings can be replaced and demolished, whereas land is a valuable and finite resource, with only limited quantities available.

  • Land gives you freedom. Freedom! Land gives you the opportunity to be creative and mold property how you want. You can hold it for a lifetime and leave it as part of an inheritance. You can purchase land, save up some money and hold it for a decade, and then build your dream home! Or you can create your own golf course, paintball arena, dirt bike track, there are endless opportunities!

  • Land is a blank canvas. Your imagination and creativity are unlimited. It gives you the opportunity to design exactly what you want and the flexibility to do it according to your timetable.

  • Expenses are minimal. Owning a vacant land has the lowest expenses in real estate investments because you avoid utilities, pay fewer taxes and fewer mortgages considering that you purchased an empty land. In many cases, you might not even have an insurance payment to make. The government’s taxes on land can also be considerably low. For the most part, you are able to let the land sit untouched.

  • Long-term investment. Consider the city nearest to where you grew up. There’s a good chance when you revisit or reflect on that area you realize how much the region has drastically expanded. We’ve all witnessed previously vacant stretches of space be transformed into suburban housing communities filled with not just homes but also millions of square miles of commercial real estate.

  • Land is extremely affordable. Regarding bidding wars, the market for buying land isn’t overwhelmingly competitive like it is with residential or commercial real estate. The majority of landowners don’t actually live near their land. In fact, many owners reside in a completely different state, making them highly motivated to sell. Knowing this, there’s a good chance your agent will be able to negotiate far under the initial asking price.

  • Limited competition. This is a true fact because lands are different in sizes, location and even shape that you can never find the same exact land. Compare that to property owners who have to work hard to fight off competition in their market. If you are going to buy land, then you will find it easier to acquire it without going through the process of bidding with other competitors.

  • Limited management issues. The major difference between owning land and residential property is that land doesn’t need any maintenance or attention while properties require a lot of work and time. To be profitable in land purchasing, the most important criterion is that the land has to be suitable for construction. For investors who are too busy to deal with tenants, maintenance and managerial issues, then land is a great strategy for making money in real estate passively.

  • Land gives you peace of mind. Land is the well-behaved, ‘golden child’ of investing. Land can’t be stolen or destroyed. No extra effort from you is required. There’s nothing to protect, maintain, or renovate. There’s nothing to ‘do’. Land in its natural state will always be worth something.


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